BIG RED FARM 120-4 Meiwa Niikappu-cho Niikappu-gun Hokkaido 059-2425 Japan

BIG RED FARM MEIWA  Niikappu-cho,Hokkaido

BIG RED FARM MEIWA has the largest area and the largest capacity in our group.
It is breeding operation of thoroughbred racehorses and performs stallion,training of yearling and breaking.
BIG RED FARM MEIWA's training makes use of covered 1100-meters long uphill course, 1100-meters track.


BIG RED FARM TAHARA  Shizunai-Tahara,Hokkaido

It is a ranch which is open from 2011 and is near the twenty-way road of Niikappu-cho famous for cherry blossoms. Mainly manages horses from weaning to saddling of 1 year old horse.


BIG RED FARM ASAHI  Niikappu-cho,Asahi,Hokkaido    

It is situated on the street called Thoroughbred Ginza scheduled to open in 2017, and it will be the ranch which is responsible for the management of breeding mares and young birds.

MAUTA TRAINING PARK  Shizunai-Mauta,Hokkaido

MAUTA TRAINING PARK is a place which performs training and breaking.

It has 1,500-meters uphill course for training that is one of the largest in japan.

BIG RED FARM URAWA  Shizunai-Urawa,Hokkaido

BIG RED FARM URAWA is the birthplace of BIG RED FARM.
It rest racehorse and mare in a quiet and calm atmosphere.


HOKOTA TRAINING CENTER is a place which performs training with 500-meter uphill course and maintain a good physical condition.
It is located within easy distance of JRA Miho Training Center.
We use the blessed environment, and in order to run in a race, we shorten time to training by Training Center.