​Company History












Shigeyuki Okada started a small farm in Shizunai Urawa.
The farm was named BIG RED FARM.
BIG RED FARM Ltd. was established.
Home-pre-trained Grandpa's Dream placed 2nd in Japanese Derby(JPN-1)
MAUTA TRAINING PARK was opened in Shizunai Mauta.
Home-pre-trained Meiner Max won the GI race for the first time.【Asahi Hai sansai Stakes】

BIG RED FARM MEIWA was opened in Meiwa, Niikappu-cho.    

Home-pre-trained COSMO BULK won the GI race for the first time abroad.【Singapore Airlines International Cup】

Hokota Training Center was opened in Hokota-shi, Ibaraki.      

Home-bred Meiner Kitz won the GI race for the first time. 【Tenno Sho(spring)】

Home-bred Meiner Neos won the J-GI race for the first time. 【Nakayama Grand Jump(spring)】

BIG RED FARM TAHARA was opened in Shizunai Tahra.

BIG RED FARM ASAHI was opened in Asahi, Niikappu-cho.